extranational style



The design methodological goal of this work was to develop a new formal expression. This should not follow local norms and be termed 'extranational'. 


With a trip through the region of Polish Cracow, we have removed ourselves from our usual cultural environment. We collected locally typical object styles, which shape the places in their aesthetics. The styles were documented in various media and later analyzed in their typologies.
The importance of and the dealing with religious signs and objects was the most significant difference for us. Their naturally blended-in omnipresence had impressed us greatly. In many cases, the objects seemed to lead a life of their own through the ages. They are most often attributable both stylistically and through times to the most varied epochs.


For selected objects, we have dared an aesthetic re-interpretation and brought them into a postmodern extranational form.

To present these objects to a larger audience, a special performative scenography was developed. Through this performance, the visitors could get to know the objects in their significance and evaluate their quality.




objects and performance, 2012
with Dipl.-Des. Hanna Halstenberg and Dipl.-Des. Axel Müller