FUW_Clair Obscur


On the occasion of the DMY International Design Festival 2014, which took place in a hangar of Berlin's Tempelhof Airport, our installation BETWIXT went on a journey.

A large wooden transport box was set up and unfolded. Its interior is illuminated, but seems to be empty. By looking through one of the round panes on the box, the visitor becomes an observer of a person staying inside. Visible only through the special optical filters of the panes, this person seems to linger in another reality. Occasionally, he seems to take a look at the viewer.

For this exhibit, which plays with our special CLAIR OBSCUR projection technology, we proudly received the DMY New Talent Award 2014.

»We decided to award the New Talent Award to an innovative, stunning and surprising projection method – Clair Obscur – which immediately triggered our fantasy for possible applications and fun scenarios.« (Jury Statement)

learn more about our CLAIR OBSCUR projection here



exhibit at DMY International Design Festival Berlin, 2014
wooden box, Clair Obscur projection, video