unconditional tools



The apparent freedom of choice is over-shadowed by the constraining truth of being controlled by a system. This is why we want to propose a new concept for the objects that surround us.

We introduce the term unconditional tools. They give us the possibility to choose the rejection of any authorative system that we might live in. Unconditional tools set us free, they make us independent of any system that we live in.


The publication collects conceptual proposals for objects and tools for a not too distant future, in which the concept of freedom means to decide individually how our world of things has to look. The involved designers Camilla Richter, Christ van Leest, Julinka Ebhardt, Stephanie Hornig, Jörn Weidenmüller and Lene Fischer developed aesthetic reinterpretations of tools.





Book, 2011
with Camilla Richter, Christ van Leest, Julinka Ebhardt and Stephanie Hornig
Universität der Künste Berlin
ISBN 978-3-89462-205-3