the indian middleclass kitchen

FUW_the-indian-middleclass-kitchen_01 robert


As part of Jörn’s graduation project at the University of Arts Berlin he dug deep into the realm of the Indian middleclass household. Especially the kitchen spaces where many small and big treasures are hidden caught his interest. With the means of face to face interviews and a photo documentation of the peoples private kitchens he researched this unnoticed field.


Many attributes are known to the western eye, the very difference reveals itself in detail. The concept is fine tuned to the particular Indian way of cooking, lifestyle, taste and other preconditions. The apparent built-in kitchen is rarely a product of an industrial production method, but rather hand made to the taste of the customers by local craftsmen. Granite and marble worktops are usually to be found in every one of them, as they are most often naturally available throughout the country. Basically, no electrical stove or oven is used in these spaces, instead only a gas stove is sitting separately on the worktop.




cultural research, collection of photographs, 2012