clair obscur

FUW_Clair Obscur


Clair Obscur unveils the visible inside the invisible with the help of an innovative projection technology developed by fuw studio.
The generated image is not perceptible to the human eye. Only if viewed through a special optical filter, the visual content emerges in the white light of the projection.

The projection makes it possible to control invisible, hidden contents and make them visible as required. In a variety of ways, information layers can be added, expanded or reduced. 

The technology complements and enriches the field of augmented reality with a hitherto completely unknown form of displaying visual content. Clair Obscur projections take place in the real environment and can be discovered surprisingly, without any digital plug-in of the viewer.
The technology can be combined with projection methods such as projection mapping as well as with interactive systems and allows unique applications through the individual assembly of the components projector, filter film and projection base.

Clair Obscur was decorated with the DMY New Talent Award 2014:
»We decided to award the New Talent Award to an innovative, stunning and surprising projection method – Clair Obscur – which immediately triggered our fantasy for possible applications and fun scenarios.« (Jury Statement)

You can see some exhibits using this special projection technology at ‘spaces’: BETWIXT, BETWIXT IN A BOX, FUTURE UX and PSALM 130.




projection technology,
various installations and exhibits,
since 2013