aluminium foam



In this lab study, we were exploring the potential design capabilities of advanced aluminum foam. In cooperation with the inventor Dr. Dieter Girlich and his company M-Pore, who are developing this material, we are able to make several design propositions.

The ability of the foam to act as a highly effective heatsink led us to clarify the possibilities of using it in combination with LED technology as a lighting fixture. Through our systematic approach we were able to engineer several prototypes that included a fully monocast lighting body. This design is characterized by the light forming part that is giving the shading properties, and at the same time functions as a heatsink. With the accompanying aesthetic appearance, this first draft made an overall compelling proposal. At the time of our research this approach has been an absolute market novelty and illustrates the high potential of strategic design methodology in an exemplary way.




lab study, 2011
in cooperation with M-Pore GmbH
with Dipl.-Des. Josua Putzke